About Me

Hi there, I’m Lisa. I am a photographer and graphic artist, though my most important titles are Mum to two beautiful daughters and Mimi to my sweet grandson Silas.

Some things about me: I love my family. I whistle a lot. I listen to Christmas music year round. I love to laugh. I am addicted to podcasts and almond hand soap. I’ve been known to dance to the Grease soundtrack in the kitchen with my kids. I love to take pictures.

I was born and raised in New England and am a country girl at heart. I see beauty everywhere and feel compelled to capture it. I try to not just snap a photo but to tell a story.

Life is short. I know from recent personal experience it can be snatched away in an instant, so I try make the most of every precious day. A loving family and great friends are essential in life and I have been blessed with an abundance of both.

Special thanks for my wonderful soundtrack music go to my talented nephew Connor and my good friend Kelly.

Welcome to my website!